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Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Nail Treatment

Heya everyone. This is a post about something I purchased a while back and at the time I didn't really like it and I suppose you could say I only like a little bit now.
Sally Hansen's Maximum Strength Nail Treatment (I assume it's a nail treatment) was bought about half a year ago. I wanted something that would treat my nails as well as give it a nice sheer colour. Up until then I had been using clear polish and personally I don't like the look of clear polish on me. Here are the steps on the back. It can also be used as a base which is what I prefer to use it as. The actual formula itself works beautifully for me. I have fairly normal nails and this makes them that bit stronger becuase I can be a bit heavy handed. But it is so streaky and patchy when I apply it.  You can see in the pic that it doesn't apply evenly. This is one coat. It's such a shame and even though I could apply a second coat, I shouldn't have to. It works OK as a base coat. Nothing to w…