Velvet Nails ft. Essence Effect Nails Velvet

Hi everyone! Missed you all.
A while back I mentioned that I had bought flocking powder from Essence. Here is kind of an update when I used it for the first time.
Base: Penneys Nail Polish in Dorothy
It wasn't the best I'll admit but it was a good stab at things. I let one coat of base colour dry and on the second go I sifted the powder onto my nails. I used a fan brush to clean off the excess powder. I do like the look of it and the texture reminds me of fur on short hair cats (oddly specific huh?).
For my first time I thought it was pretty long time going. The sieve in the Essence jar slowed the process. I suppose it was to prevent you making such a big furry mess but it still happened anyways. One mistake I made was not pressing the powder firmly on my nails and that's why you can see bald patches. And the other was not taking the sieve cap off the jar. 
I'll definitely try it again, it is a fun look. It only lasts 3 days on me though (until it started to look unpresentable). I like the powder and especially I like that chemists/drugstore brands have ventured more into the world of nail art and I've had my eye out on some nail wraps. Mind you though, there are loads of online sellers that have flocking powder for relatively cheaper and in different colour. So, really your choice in where you buy them from unless you're like me and want instant gratification. Haha!
Have a fabulous day, thank you for reading and let me know what you think? I know I'm a bit behind on the bandwagon, but I think these are funky. A black version would be fantastic!

Until we blog again,


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