NYX Butter Gloss: Strawberry Parfait

You have no idea how excited I am. No idea! I finally found a NYX stand! NYX launched in Ireland this June. (As I was doing my Leaving Cert. How unfair!) and they are not available in City Centre, Dublin. As far as I know you'd have to go to Santry or Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. There isn't even one stand in each county which is ridiculous. But I have no doubts that NYX will roll out in more places due to popularity.
I went to Bradley's Pharmacy in Blanchardstown. I spent about 10 minutes staring at the stand. It was beautiful. I ended up getting 2 Butter Glosses and 2 of their Lipliner pencils. The usual suspects were swiped away: this includes the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, Round Lipstick in Tea Rose, the setting sprays, the primers and certain colours of the Butter Glosses (ahem Tiramisu and Creme Brulee).
Strawberry Parfait
It's packaged quite cute; all the other tubes' handles co-ordinate with the shade so that's handy as well. For some reason this shade is the only one that was wrapped in that perforated edge plastic that shows it wasn't opened by some cruel soul, swatched and left behind.
It comes with a doe-foot applicator as well as a stopper that works really well in stopping hideously huge globs of gloss forming.
L-R: one layer, two layers
The shade is a cool toned almost bubblegum pink with a creme finish. On my lips it looks very English Rose. It's sheer but can be layered. The formula is very nice, a good medium between lip balm and sticky mess. The texture is really nice and it's how I prefer my glosses to be. It's glossy on the lips without being spit shiny.
I really like it as it's also kind of hydrating; it's not going to perform miracles but it does have an emollient effect. The wear time on this is OK. On my Sahara lips, it lasts about two hours before I need to top it up. And it completely goes away if I'm eating. But on the top side it wears beautifully. The glossiness will wear down and then in the end you're left with a balm texture as well as some colour. Some glosses will just migrate to the edges of your lips and look not so fab, and I like that this is a no hassle product. I wouldn't be feel conscious using this and not having a mirror; I can trust it won't end up at my chin. I really like this product and at only €6.49, what have you got to lose?
The only thing I didn't like was the smell. It smells like a scented candle store after all the scents have mixed together. It does linger after you put it on. But sure, if you're not fussy about scents then I'd definitely recommend this product. I'll repurchase some shades myself next time I'm up there.

Thanks for passing by. Tell me what you think of the Butter Glosses, have you tried them? Have a lovely day! And I'll talk to you soon.

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