IsaDora Graffiti Nail Topcoat: All City Brown

Hi, good morning, afternoon, evening, wherever you care. I bought the IsaDora Graffiti Nail Topcoat (gasp, pant,wheeze) when I saw a stand that had 70% off everything. It originally costed €7.95 and I got it for €2.
1 coat over Barry M's Rhossili
I chose to put it over Barry M's Matte Nail Paint in Rhossili because I thought the look of matte on matte would look cool. It's a neutral brown crackle polish that could easily be mistaken for black from afar.

The formula is very thin which is why there are more vertical crackles. I'm more partial to the thicker formula which gives more chunky crackles. But I always think it's easier to have thin nail polish that will thicken up over time. The crackles formed very quick (within 5 seconds of it going on dry polish) so you don't worry about denting the polish while waiting for it to dry. That's probably due to the thinner formula. 
Something I have noticed is that the longer you have the crackle effect the more it wears. By that I mean the crackles become soft and almost peely. The colour goes away and you are left with a clear (invisible) crackle. This started happening at the 5 day mark and by day 7 it's apparent on all the nails. Yikes! Not a good look.
It's a nice polish and it works well (if you change your nail polish frequently); I think I will always have a soft spot for crackle nail polishes over any other nail trends. On the other hand I only bought this on a whim because there was a sale. Would I have paid €8 for this? Probably not. Barry M's crackle nail polish costs €5.99 and you get more product (10ml vs. 6ml). 

*Insert semi-deep rant*
Nowadays I don't even usually look to O.P.I for nail polishes any more unless they are absolutely unique. And I think it goes to show that more affordable brands are equally good if not better in terms of nail polishes. Something that costs €5 can be just as good or just as bad as something that costs three times as much. Been wanting to say that for a while. Any opinions? Thanks a bunch for reading, have a lovely day.

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