Belle of the Ball vs. Disturbia

Hello everyone, how are you? Today I have a nail polish comparison that I mentioned a while back. It's taken me longer to get to this since we moved and like an idiot, while the works (that would take up to 3 weeks) were in place I decided to move my nail polishes in. So I've only had clear nail polish to bide me for a while.
Today it is Sally Hansen's Bell of the Ball (BOtB) vs. Wet'n'Wild's Disturbia.
Disturbia in focus
L-R: Disturbia, BOtB
BOtB in focus
As you can see (if you can see, I need to replace this camera as soon as I get a job), both colours have the same undertones but BOtB has stronger shimmer whereas Disturbia could be mistaken for a creme polish as the shimmer is veined very delicately. The formula for BOtB is thick but not too thick, yet Disturbia is slightly thinner. BOtB, however is almost opaque in one coat. This photo shows two coats for each. The brushes are quite similar, one of those wide brushes that always leaves a mess on my pinkies. However, Disturbia's brush was very badly cut when I got it so I had to chop off a stray section myself.
These two are very different in terms of formulation, yet very similar in colour bar the shimmer (prompting a comparison). I like them both (I would say anything to justify owning more nail polishes), but in all honesty if I had to pick one then it would be BOtb because I prefer the way it glides onto the nail.

Thank you so much for reading. Please tell me what you think and whether you would buy either one of them. D'you have any overlapping colours in your stash? Have a nice day!

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