Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure: Belle of the Ball

G'day everybody! How is everyone? I've been relaxing and reading the odd book. Today I have Sally Hansen's Belle of the Ball.
2 coats

Belle of the Ball is a lovely mid toned purple with red, orangey shimmer. Like I said in my last post I really do go for what I think is anything even close to Nfu-Oh 51. I got this in Boots (where I do most of my gallivanting) for €8.95. I saw it and it was the last one so I knew it must have been a sign so I bought it.
Find out what I think about the formula and for more swatches!

When I got home I realised it was nearly identical to the Wet'n'Wild polish in Disturbia. But as it turns out they aren't the same and there are subtle differences between them. Thank God, otherwise I would have seriously wasted my money (cheapskate). I've planned a post on doing a comparison in the future. One of the differing aspects is the formula. Where I think Disturbia's formula is slightly runny, I think Belle of the Ball's formula is slightly thick and it becomes tacky on contact. So it's that bit more difficult to work with. I'd prefer to work with a thinner formula because all polishes become thicker with time. Another difference is the finish. The shimmer in this polish is more noticeable and what I had hoped Disturbia would have looked like.

The brush bugged me a little. Nothing I can't work with but it was too wide for my pinky and it was cut in such a weird shape for a nail brush. It wasn't curved like those other wide brushes but with a flat top. Or could it just be mine?
With a matte top coat:
Funnily enough it looks almost navy when matte. And as it happened to Disturbia, the shimmer has disappeared. Glossy all the way! Any opinions on this polish? Are you as obsessed with purples as I am? I hope you all have a lovely day!

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