Barry M Matte Nail Paint: Mocha

Hello people! How are you today? I made pancakes today and they were yummy! Anything is yummy in the morning when you're starving. For my sister's 17th birthday I got her some nail polishes (two peas in a nail polish pod). One of them was Barry M's matte nail polish in a deep red shade and Max Factor's Fantasy Fire (enough with the Nfu-Oh 51 rip offs girl!). And of course once I saw how good it looked I went back to get one for myself. I got mine in Mocha for €5.99.
2 coats
Mocha is such a unique colour that I don't have in my collection (or my sister's collection). It's a pink toned cappuccino taupe-y colour. If that made any sense. As you can see the finish isn't a true matte colour; I'd pegged it as more of a satin finish. Equally unique I think. After I applied I waited ten minutes, it wasn't getting any matter. I've yet to see a 'drugstore' nail colour in Ireland that's a true matte. But there is a wide range of matte top coats though. I really like this polish; I've seem to forgotten how wonderfully these apply. The brush is a classic thin brush which I prefer because some brushes are too big for my pinkies and it gives you much more control. The formula is also a dream. None too runny and none too thick. Just right!
Continue for more swatches and see how it looks with a topcoat!

And I know you're curious as to what it looks like with a topcoat

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