TRESemmé Liquid Gold Restorative Complex and Hi Again.

Gosh, I've missed this. I'm truly sorry as it's been so long since my last post. Life and school and more school has gotten in the way. Leaving Cert. has drained the life out of me. But I'm here now and I'm hoping that I can keep posting indefinitely.

Let's start again easy, yeah? The TRESemmé Liquid Gold Restorative Complex is a oil that is supposed to nourish your hair as well as tame frizz and ''instantly transform your hair''.
Look at flashback!
At €8.99, it does a pretty damn good job. My hair looks as dry as the Sahara and it sure is noticeable. I've used up about two-thirds of this stuff; it's very concentrated so about a pump does it for my hair and I've got long hair.
This 'sinks in' really fast and my hair doesn't feel greasy and it's very lightweight. It makes my hair look so sleek and polished, as if it's healthy (though it's not). And I do notice a difference when I don't use it, as in my hair looks more dull and brittle which leads me to the one qualm I have about this.
'Restorative Complex'; I kinda expected this to do something for my hair on a more long term basis. To be fair, the website and the packaging said nothing of the sort so I really shouldn't make the claim that it should do this and that. But in all honesty it says it right there on the bottle. And I also suppose you could take this to mean it restores your hair when you use it (I use it after I blow dry my hair). It's ambiguous if not the least bit misleading in my opinion. Or maybe it's just me nitpicking and being pedantic over a pesky word printed on the bottle, what you do think?
Don't get me wrong, I love what it does to my hair and the smell! My God it smells lovely and so... pretty. Can smells be pretty? I'll definitely use it up(sure you're already after finishing over half of it silly!) and admire the results. D'you guys have any opinions on this?

Until we blog again,


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