My Nail Polish Swatch 'Book'

G'day, how are you? As you know, during my time away from posting, I still kept updated with the ''Nail World''. Something that caught my eye was the idea of a swatch book. I had read a post about it but I don't remember who posted it but I do remember that I thought it was one of the most original ideas I'd ever come across. It's basically a journal that holds all your nail polish swatches. No need for nail wheels which can be pretty hard to come by. I thought 'gosh, it's so simple but I would never think of it'. And that was that, it was a niche concept and then I thought no more of it. Until a while later when I saw cutepolish and she designed a very unique swatch book; the cover was beautiful and she did a really good job of making it look fun and I felt so inspired.
But of course I don't have a gazillion nail polishes. Or even a gazillion Euro to spend on nail polishes. So my own version of a swatch book is...
.... a swatch page
Yup, that's it. One page, not even, more like half a page. I've given a lot of my nail polishes away (you fool!!). And I'm quite sad better off without them. I got a heart-shaped puncher and some labels to do this. I painted an area on the label and then when it was dry I punched it out. Then I stuck it down to some card stock.
I think it's more of an aesthetic thing rather than anything else. It's also a fun project. The colour isn't a total true match for your nails since some colour sinks into the sticky label. But it kills some time and it's also interesting since it shows you what colours you're more geared to. Have you ever heard of a swatch book before? Any opinions on it? D'you think it's a good idea or just a small project that looks pretty? Let me know! Have a wonderful day and be happy!

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