Catrice: All Round Concealer Palette Review and Swatches

G'day everyone, I hope everything is going along well. I'm in the middle of my exams and its going well. Today I have for you the Catrice All Round Concealer Palette. I'd been on the fence about buying it, since it just seemed a bit to gimmicky and my foundation seemed to cover up most of my flaw(less imperfections). But then I caved... badly.
It just looked too good and so I forked over €3.99 to buy it. Sure why not?! Up next are the swatches.

Green corrector
Green/1st corrector
Sheer creamy formula, effective in counteracting redness. 
Pink/Peach corrector
Pink/Peach/2nd corrector
Very pigmented formula. Seriously, just look at it. Used to counter blue-ish tones ie undereye darkness. This is the most pigmented of the bunch so use sparingly. Food for thought: could be used as a cream blush as it sheers out well.
1st concealer shade
1st concealer shade
Relatively pigmented and creamy. I don't use this at all unless it's to mix with the lighter shades. It could be used as a concealer for someone with a light tan. Or contour for uber fair skin tones.
2nd concealer (right)
2nd concealer shade
I decided to swatch the concealers together so you'd get a better idea of how dark/light they are. This one was a perfect (really perfect) match for me. And that never happens. I always go for the lighter of two shades when choosing bases/concealer in general so I'm really happy. Same formulation as the other concealer. 
3rd concealer (far right)
3rd concealer shade
Lightest shade of the bunch. I use it to mix and to lightly highlight areas on my face. Could be used on very fair skin as a concealer.

So that's all of them. I'm really happy with this palette overall. I can see myself using it regularly or on days when I don't feel like foundation. There aren't many concealer palettes out there in the 'drugstore' (someone please tell me what the Irish/UK version of drugstore is! Chemist doesn't sit well with me.) and the fact what it was priced at €4 is a steal. The formula is excellent. Creamy yet sets to an almost perfect powder finish. To be honest it sets better than my Inglot pot concealer which doesn't really set at all by itself. The correctors actually work. I was wrong to think they were 'gimmicky' and I take back what I thought.
On the otherhand (there you go ruining things P!) I don't like the inconsistency of the pigmentation. You saw how sheer that green but its pink sister was so pigmented. And the concealer shades were in between. Another thing is this would only work for fair to lightly tanned skin. I can't imagine those concealers to work for medium skin tones. There's only one universal palette which is such a shame because whenever brands restrict the colour/tone selection, it sucks for the consumer as well as themselves. They restrict their market and people lose out on using certain products. Just wanted to put that out there.

I'm very happy with this product for myself. Of course your standards might be different from mine, but it helps to know others thoughts and opinions. Any small qualms with the formula is an unnoticeable blip. I'm glad I caved to temptation and bought this! D'you have any opinions on this? Do you use correctors or like the idea of concealer palettes? Please leave a comment and thank you very much for reading. Good day and God bless!

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