Nail Gradient: Blurple Pizazzz!!

*ACH!! sorry for not posting, then posting and then not posting... forgive me? School's started*
'Ello!! I'm sure everybody has seen a celeb or next door neighbour sporting 'ombre' hair, where the hair gradually gets lighter towards the ends. A girl in my class had her hair done like so and it looked amazing on her! I was so jealous and I wanted my hair like that as well but my parents would never let me bleach my hair. :( 

I can't remember the first time I saw a nail gradient but I remember it really inspired me and I wanted to try it out. This was my first attempt. The two times I tried would be unsuccessful. Boohoo. But then I saw the Nailasaurus' tutorial, it inspired me again. The gradient was.. well a gradient; not two colours side by side like in my attempts and there were clear instructions with it. All that was left to do was a home DIY!

Blurple Pizazzz
I used Essence Passion For Fashion and China Glaze Senorita Bonita for the gradient, which I lovingly named 'Blurple Pizazzz'. Senorita Bonita is the colour at the tips of the nails and Passion For Fashion is the base colour.
So now that I have the technique down I really want to do more gradients, with holos and clashing colours. Maybe even a crackle polish over the gradient. This is why I love nail polish; the possibilities are endless!! 
Will you be trying a gradient? If so, please check out the Nailasaurus' post. Thanks for reading and leave a comment!

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