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Hello! Good morning/aftie/evening! I've finished my contact lens trial now. All's well at the check up appointment and I'll be going back to Specsavers to buy the lenses soon. About €40 for 3 months without the solution. I use Opti-Free Replenish. 
At first, I was really scared that that I'd do something stupid like sleep in them or drop them down the sink or put them in backwards. ¬¬ The lens I have are the silicone hydrogel monthlies. I did a lot of research on lenses because I got paranoid when I got the trial lenses. I worried about corneal scratches, infections and going blind if I did something wrong. I finally came to terms with the fact that the only way anything could go wrong is if I don't take care of them properly.
This post is going be me sharing all the info I have learned of lenses. In case any of you are thinking of getting them and happen to pass by this post. 
First things first, you only have one set of precious peepers in your life giving you the gift of seeing. Glasses are the safer options of treating long/short sightedness, astigmatism and what have you. Wearing contacts carries the risk of infections and scratches if taken care of improperly and misused. Some people aren't meant to wear glasses or contacts and prefer only one. Some lucky ones are adapted to both. There's always a chance you don't take to them and find them uncomfortable when you first try them on and decide not to go for lenses. Or you could take to it like a fish in water. So, if it's not comfortable or you don't like it, you can always try again when you're older or stick with the glasses.

A lot of stuff comes after this point so if you don't feel like reading, feel free to read some of my older posts or check my blog list for the people I follow and read their posts. All the more better if you continue reading for the crack! 

There are a few types of lenses when it comes to wear schedule. See below
Dailies- Wear once then toss them out. Hassle free because you don't have to clean them. Less chance of infections wearing these. Great for sporadic wearers. I did some calculations. It costs about 360-380,€ for a year's supply. Don't really know the prices if you go on some price plan where you pay by direct debit.
Monthlies- After you open the blister pack it comes in, the lenses are good for 30/31 days. My doc. says change them on the 1st every month as it's easier to remember. You take them out when you get home or at night, clean them and store them in solution. Nowadays you see a lot of multi-purpose solutions which disinfects, rinses and stores your lenses. The cost is aprox 280,€ year including solutions and lens cases. So, it is cheaper than dailies.
Continuous Wear- You can sleep in these lenses and wake up with sharp vision. Carries a higher risk of infections. Most likely to be made of silicone hydrogel to let more oxygen in.
Two Weeklies- Same as the monthlies, only shorter. Not sure of the price.
Rigid Gas Permeable-???? I've seen this term plenty of times and briefly read posts on it, but am still not completely sure. All I know is they allow a lot more oxygen in. They are smaller than soft lenses and provide better, clear vision.
Custom Made Lenses- For you if you've specifications that aren't manufactured or your eyes are 'hard to fit'
It's very important to change the lenses accordingly to avoid infections and damage to your eyes

There's two types of material that soft lens are made of: hydrogel and silicone hygrogel. The hydrogel lenses are the standard material, allowing up to 8 hours wear. Silicone hydrogel is the better material. It allows up to 14 hours wear and more oxygen to pass into your eyes. 'Why don't people just go for the silicone hydrogels then?' These types of lenses are less 'wettable' so they can dry out and dry your eyes. I have noticed this with my lenses, but it's not uncomfortable; it makes it easier to remove my lenses. Many solutions will combat this and recondition the surface of the lenses. Silicone hydro's also enhances the 'awareness' of the lens being in your eye. Sometimes I worry that the lenses aren't there because I can't feel them. Sometimes I can't help but feel them just floating around in there. 
In the end, it's up to you and your doc to decide the type of material and on what schedule is suitable for you
On that note, even though silicone hydro's are allowed up to 14 hours of wear a day, I don't personally reccommend this. 8 hours is really the max. for wearing any lenses, I believe. I'm still dubious about the continuous wear ones myself, but if it works for a lot of people, who am I to question it.

Contacts hold benefits as well as disadvantages over glasses. See below
  • They don't fog up like glasses do.
  • They don't slide down your nose bridge, annoying you to push it back up.
  • When you get use to it, they are really comfortable and feel natural.
  • They give you better periphal vision.
  • You're less likely to get a headache from wearing them.
  • Unless you have dailies, you have to clean the lenses every two days if you aren't wearing them. You have to clean them after every time you wear them.
  • You can easily forget to take them out because they are comfortable and sleep in them leading to infections.
  • They are expensive compared to some glasses which lasts for 2 years before your perscription is renewed.
Good lens wear determines good eye care and vice versa. You have to properly clean your lenses as instructed. You have to throw them out after they've lived their two weeks or month. You should go to every follow up appointment during and after trials. Get your eyes tested every 2 years (for a glasses perscription) to check for anything out of the ordinary. To my knowledge, contact lens perscriptions are to be renewed every year. What's very important is that if anything is off ie. your eyes feel different or the contacts feel uncomfortable every time you wear them, get it checked. Call the optician's if you're in doubt of anything, even if it's 'stupid'

That's about it. Phew, long post! If I have anything wrong or you think I could add something more, please comment below and I'll change it ASAP. Thanks for reading. Ciao!!

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