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Contact Lens Info/Update

Hello! Good morning/aftie/evening! I've finished my contact lens trial now. All's well at the check up appointment and I'll be going back to Specsavers to buy the lenses soon. About €40 for 3 months without the solution. I use Opti-Free Replenish. 
At first, I was really scared that that I'd do something stupid like sleep in them or drop them down the sink or put them in backwards. ¬¬ The lens I have are the silicone hydrogel monthlies. I did a lot of research on lenses because I got paranoid when I got the trial lenses. I worried about corneal scratches, infections and going blind if I did something wrong. I finally came to terms with the fact that the only way anything could go wrong is if I don't take care of them properly.
This post is going be me sharing all the info I have learned of lenses. In case any of you are thinking of getting them and happen to pass by this post. 
First things first, you only have one set of precious peepers in your life giving you the g…