Depend Cracked Effect... More Crackle Polishes!

Just when you thought it was over! Crackle/Shatter polishes are here to stay I would say. Every time I wore these I swore I would eventually post about it. Too lazy >< The brand is called 'Depend' from Sweden I believe. The polishes are tiny, at an affordable price, €3 I think for a bottle. I rarely finish nail polish so the tinier the bottle the less guilty I feel. So far I've gone through 2 O.P.I Matte Nail Envy(use it every week) and O.P.I Moon Over Mumbai(first ever O.P.I). Too many of the good stuff.
Keep reading if you wanna see more crackling action... get it?

Glitter Blue
The polishes don't have the name on the bottle but from the display I remember the names were pretty to the point. First up, my favourite colour: Blue. Shimmer Blue? Glitter Blue? Blue Glitter? Eh. A baby blue with silver glitter. This dries matte.
Purple/ Dark Purple
I bought this because there was no shimmer. I remember the China Glaze purple crackle had shimmer and the formula didn't work well as I had hoped. Maybe because of the shimmer? Anyways I was looking for flat out purple. A dark cool purple. Dries matte. I wonder why most crackle polishes dry matte. Formulation, perhaps?

I found that the formula for these crackles are pretty good. Not as quick as O.P.I's so theres room to work with it, but it's quicker than Barry M's by a tad. Honestly, there are so many brands doing crackle polishes now, I'd say get the cheapest ones because the formula's probably not all that different if you're really into them. I'd say brands the likes of O.P.I and China Glaze sell to the niche market because they offer an unusual variety of colours eg. I think CG released a metallic collection and are going to release a glitter collection, while O.P.I make some hard to dupe, original shatter colours. My opinion. But for the basic flat out black, blue, white, red, gold, silver, the cheap brands do a pretty good job as well.
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