Inglot Freedom System Palette and How To? Depot from Palette

Guess who's a happy girl? I am!! On Sat. I got my very own customised Inglot Freedom System Palette! 
Right now in the Jervis Centre they are doing 30% off all round 5, 10, 20 palettes! But there's only about 40 colours to choose from. Mine was previously 28€ and I got it for 19.6€. Great deal for 5 colours since they work out at 3.92€ each not even including cost of the palette itself. You should check it out.
From left to right is AMC (Advanced Make-up Component) 63, Pearl 422, AMC 55, Pearl 407, Pearl 453
You wanna know the best thing? No primer!! None whatsoever! They are that pigmented! The quality is excellent, paraben free last time I checked and oh-so easy to blend out! I really super-duper reccomend this! I also have their individual eyeshadows but it's so much easier to have them all in one place don't you think? If you're hesitant, maybe try out their individuals. 
The actual palette itself is really sturdy. There are 4 pairs of tiny, yet powerful magnets at the corner of the palette. That's how they close and you slide them open. Don't pull, it could get messy... It's also very heavy compared to my M.A.C palette with about 6 colours in it. But this also assures me that if I was ever to carry it on the go the eyeshadows wouldn't crumble or break.
And if you are wondering how to identify each colour, if the numbers are on the bottom, then you just get a magnet and hold it over the pan the right way. You can even use the magnets in the lid, they are really strong. Like so..
And then you can check the number. Does it bother anyone else that they don't have names for their colour products?

Check it out if you want to, but beware, there are a load of colours so you might be intimidated like I was on my first visit! ^^

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