How To? Depot Inglot's Individual/Single Eyeshadows

Hello! I hope you're all well. Today I have a tutorial/how to on depotting Inglot's single eyeshadows. I thought this might be handy for some people. I haven't seen a tutorial on the non-palette ones, so why not make it myself? Let's get started ya?

Things you will need:
  • Inglot single non-palette eyeshadow(obviously)
  • Rubbing alcohal/ surgical spirit
  • A pipette/dropper for the alcohal
  • Something with a reasonably thin sharpish edge
  • Magnets
  • Round Labels
  • Palette with metal base eg. M.A.C, Uni, Z-Palette
Alright, all our schtuff is gathered so here comes the fun part! This is quite a long one so meet me after the jump break for the specific steps!

1. Get ye olde Inglot eyeshadows that you want to depot!

2. Locate a small wedge space between the metal pan and the black casing. There it is below, on the right hand side. You kinda get the gist anyways.

3. Get your dropper. Or in my case a straw with a bit cut off. Because I'm efficient and cheap like that. Using the dropper, get some rubbing alcohal or surgical spirit and put a few drops in that wedge space to loosen up the glue.

4. Get your thin. sharpish object. Sharpish because you don't want to cut yourself. I used a nail file bit of my nail clippers. I know it looks dirty but I sanitised it beforehand. And wedge it in that same space. Wait for a couple of minutes after dropping the alcohal in. Dunno if it's just me but I cracked the shadow a little as you will see. But the same rubbing alcohal with compact everything back again using some linen material and pressing it back together.

5. Move it to and fro for a while and the metal pan will come up hopefully without too much resistance. If you meet any difficulties add more alcohal. There you have your depotted Inglot eyeshadow pan!

6. Place your magnet on the pan when the glue is still on.

7. Stick a label on and write down the name and finish. Or whatever you want. Inglot don't name their products so you could even be creative and give them a name.

8. Place the metal pan with the magnet in your palette of choice. There's my M.A.C palette. Then relax and bask in the glory of a job well done!

I hope I've helped in case you thought about depotting Inglot eyeshadows but didn't know how. Or if you just wanted to read and see how it's done, thanks for stopping by! Have a nice day!

Until we blog again,


  1. I know this is kind of old now, but google brought me here and I wanted to say a big thanks for this post! Xx :)


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