Essence Gel Eyeliner- Berlin Rocks!

G'day! This is my first gel eyeliner and hopefully after we're married, my only gel eyeliner! I swear, I don't even want to try another eyeliner like this. Essence, just when I stopped having interest in your nail polishes, you draw me back in! I present to you Essence Gel Eyeliner in Berlin Rocks!!

This is what it promises and delivers!

And this is a close up. How gorgeous is that colour. Dark purple with pink and blue shimmer and all that jazz. It reminds me of O.P.I Ink or Russian Navy.

As you can see, I've used it(!). Who am I kidding? I've practically assaulted the poor thing. This is such a soft eyeliner, maybe a bit too soft. And a little goes a long way. I use Catrice double eyeliner brush with this. Really handy and easy to create two types of line.
This is one quick stroke. Pigmented as pigmented goes. It fully dries in 5 minutes and after that it won't budge until you remove it later. At first, I used a non-oil remover. That didn't work and I started panicking until I broke out the big guns: my Bi-Facil remover!
Nothing bad to say about this product, except that it comes in a limited range of colours and it won't ever replace my go-to pencil eyeliners! Try it and fall in love with it! Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!
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