Chocolate Thunder! Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow 74

How are we keeping? I'm feeling fresh and ready for springtime! We have Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow (takes a deep breath) in 74 today. I'm more big on names instead of numbers when it comes to make-up because it's more memorable. To each, their own, right?
I love the look of baked eyeshadows. It's around €8, I think. It's a compact case with a mirror housed in the lid. To be honest, the mirror is useless. It's tiny and there's no use since it's a single eyeshadow. It would be better suited for their Smoky Eyes set. There is also a little sponge applicator included, but I put that aside as it was so fluffy and white and I didn't want to ruin it. Plus it's really small and looks hard to work with.

It's a lovely brown, chocolately colour leaning towards the cooler end of the scale with some hidden shimmer. It swatched as being very pigmented on my fingertips, but takes a lot of elbow grease to get the same colour with a brush and you don't get the actual colour as is in the pot. It also doesn't have good staying power. After applying it, you could just wipe it away as easily. I bet that a primer would solve that or even applying it wet.

They don't lie though, on their website, Bourjois describes the formula as 'silky' and it is. They describe it as 'easy to blend' and it is, but it is also easy to over blend and get a dull wash of colour. They don't claim to stay for a certain amount of time(as far as I could tell), so kudos for not lying. A great thing is that it's paraben free and hypoallergenic. I think this is so important as your eyes' health is invaluable and it's good they take that into consideration.

Overall, this eyeshadow is good for sensitive skin. Not so good if you like your eyeshadow to endure and have vibrancy, although look out for their Intense Eyeshadow line as it promises all that. I will look into it myself. I personally think that this is not really worth it but it didn't cost much. Try it for yourself, see what you think. Thank you so much for reading, I hope to get better with make-up lingo so bear with me for the time being. Have a nice day!

*Edit: Since my own pictures in this post became corrupt, it couldn't be viewed. So the image you see above is one I took off a random site which I've linked in the pic itself. Just letting you know*

Until we blog again,


  1. All I thought while looking at the colour was: Wow, it looks delicious! (:


  2. This colour looks absolutely perfect for filling in my eyebrows, defo gonna look out for it in boots :)
    Shannen Xx


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