Tick Tock! Essence-Time For Romance

Bid thee good day!! Today is Essence Time For Romance. This polish is a jelly mauve base with suspended pink glitter and hex glitters.
3 coats
This is really sheer and thick. It wasn't easy to work with first time 'cause I don't have that many glitters in my arsenal. But I wore it as a full manicure at some point and it was much easier to apply as I got use to it. Still sheer though even at three coats, but with all the fantasmical glitter I doubt you would notice it really.
There must be an unwritten rule somewhere that all hex glitter polishes look great matte because it totally does!! Toned down but still rockin'!! Hehe thanks for stopping and reading, please leave a comment and have a nice day!

Until we blog again,


  1. here's me being such an idiot finding these comments practically a month later! but thanks so much for commenting! <3 <3 <3


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