Essence- Moulin Rouge Light and No More Nail Polish At School..

*Eek!! This photo reeks of dry cuticles!! That's bound to happen sometimes, ya? 
This is Moulin Rouge Light, a member of Catrice Ultimate Nudes. I never thought I would be into these kinda colours, but every once in a while you might need a break from flashy in your face polishes and go for something more... calm for lack of better word.
3 coats
This is your average nude, tan colour. Nothing special, although it's very appealing to me. Applies like melted butter.. wait scratch that it sounds like an innuendo. Not exactly mannequin hands nail polish for my skin tone but close. I don't know if I've told you this but this year my school has made a rule against wearing nail polish. That just plain sucks in my opinion. Like oppression of expression. I think it's grounded me a little bit and I've become more conservative in buying nail polish in that I'm not really buying them. There has to be some sort of way to express yourself at school otherwise I really think that you become some corporal robot. Either that or I'm just crazy... Yes, I'm definitely crazy.. ^^
*This was swatched a long time ago and I forgot to publish it. Sorry!! *

Until we blog again,


  1. I'm the happy owner of this polish too, but I looks far more better on you than on me... Beautiful matching your skintone! ♥

  2. Thank you! that's soo sweet!! that really makes my day!


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