Revlon Facets of Fuchsia: Glitterrific!!

*Old post I forgot to publish, whoops! Sorry for not posting as much, welcome new followers and please forgive me!!*As you can see I have dry cuticles but let that not distract you from the star of the show today which is Revlon's Facets of Fuchsia which suppose to be a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance. 
We don't have Deborah Lippmann polishes here in Dublin I think. She has some a-mah-zing glitters in her collection so I think that's why some brands are taking a leaf outta her book. I saw Essence in Penney's recently and they have re-vamped the core collection of polishes and you see a lot more chunky glitter.

3 coats
Yes, it looks gritty, but that's because I never put a topcoat on when I'm swatching. I got this in Boots when it was like €3 off and bless my student card I got 10% off so it came out to be €5.10 from the usual €9. The polish base is simply a black jelly. There's some small purple glitter. But the main attraction is the chunky hexagon glitters suspended in the base and it creates this uber cool contrast of black and purple. I was a bit disappointed with the opacity, I thought it would look fine after 2 coats but there were still some bald spots. I'm not a fan of the bottle shape either. It's a well known shape(a bit like China Glaze, a triangular shaped bottle) but it means most of the polish is at the bottom and the brush is only so long, get me? But who ever really finishes a bottle of nail polish anyways?
This is it matte, it looks sorta like a purple galaxy. Hotness!! Regardless of sheerness and bottle shape, I love this polish, it's a keeper because it's so different and it looks way cool!! And I love brands are constantly upping the standard and keeping on trend so we don't miss out if a certain brand isn't available. Tell me whatcha think, and thanks for stopping by!!

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