My Very Own Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File!!

I'm so giddy!! I finally got a crystal nail file!! I had been eyeing this beauty in Boots for quite some time, but couldn't bring myself to pay the €15 for it. To me, 'tis quite expensive. Yet ironically I've spent much more on nail polish I might never use. However, when I got my report card back from school I decided to treat myself. If you don't wanna read a post about the most awesome-est nail file ever then I'd suggest you leave... Ah go on, stay!! ^^

This is actually the smaller version of their crystal nail file. The bigger one looked far too big and it didn't come with a protective casing.
This is the stuff of nail file dreams!! It glides across the nails and can easily seal the tips! It's a more subtler sound than the reguler emery board nail file. But the difference isn't too big with the Ms. Manicure one I had before. There have been occasions when I was filing and there would be nail dust. That can be a bit off-putting and cool at the same time. I don't seem to care though. :D Another great thing is that you can run it under hot water and ba-da-bing ba-da-boom, all cleaned up!! So far I can say that I've experienced no flaking or peeling. Woohoo! And if you lift up the black tray as seen above, there is a lifetime guarantee. Stupendous, no? Like I said, the most awesone-est nail file ever!! Goodbye pinky! (that's what I called my old nail file) We had some great times together! 

Loving the nail file. If you're on edge about getting it, then go now and get it! It's, in my opinion, a great investment! It will last a lifetime and put you on your way to lovlier nails. Thanks for stopping by. Leave us a comment! 

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