Inglot 203: Flakie-licious!!

Good Morrow!! At school we're reading Romeo and Juliet so I am using words like 'thy' and 'thou'. Incidentally, Mercutio is the best name ever!! It just rolls off the tongue!
Today is Inglot 203. I don't know how long the brand has been in Ireland. I know that I saw a shop Liffey Valley, but I was in the Jervis Centre and I saw that there's now a Inglot stand there as well. Their nail polish collection is HUGE!!! I was just standing there after my first day back at school and I was just in shock! There were matte nail polish, cremes, shimmers, glitters, foils and best of all, flakies!! I was a bit sad though to see no holographic polishes!! They don't name their polishes; I'm so use to having polishes with names so this is new.
1 coat over Hard to Resist
Since flakies are awesome for layering I decided to layer it over Essence Hard to Resist, a dark electric blue. You can see how the flakies go from green to blue and it leaves such a glossy finish as well! I love this polish and I will be going back for more flakies because they do about 3 more I think. The cost is €10, so it's not THAT bad. But as you can see from the first picture that it's quite small, but then again brands have yet to introduce flakie polishes into their line.
There it is matte!! It looks like the perfect ocean on a clear cut sunny day on a tropical island! This combo and polish recieves a big fat yes from me. Thanks for reading!!

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