Essence Hard to Resist(Buying)

Hey everyone!! I'm sure everyone has seen all the cool new polishes from Essence. They've totally re-vamped the nail polishes. I feel everything is en trend, which is great for the buyers, obviously!  
This is Essence Hard to Resist. It's a medium blue with light, sky blue shimmer. But here's the kicker, it's also slightly duochrome!!!
2 coats
THERE IT IS!! You can just make it out on the edge of my nail and you can see it (blurred) on the bottle!! It shifts to a purple-ish colour, but it's not that visible(certainly is cool though). There's also a bit of a frost, brushstroke trait to it. It took two coats and it was so pigmented, this is great because after a while we can start to tire from 3 coater nail polishes. 
I love Essence, I love their new nail polishes and I'll be swatching more of them soon, so look out for them! A+ in my book! Thanks for stopping and reading!! Come again!

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