Essence-Blue Addicted

mermaid nails?
Happy first post of 2012!! Blue Addicted is on show today. It's so pretty!!! It's meant to be a dupe, I think, for Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe. SCORE!! It's a navy jelly base with light blue and green glitter and hex glitter.
3 coats
It can be a bit difficult to apply with the hex glitters. It dries with a slightly rough finish but I find it not as bumpy if you know what I mean. You don't? OK, I mean that the coats of polishes kind of blend (?) together so that you don't get much of that tarmac feel. Well that's what I think.
All matted up. It looks like a mermaid tail. Don't get me wrong though, while it's very pretty it is a pain in the arse to remove. Glitter here, glitter there, glitter everywhere. All in the name of nail polish!! Thanks for stopping by!! And to let you know I'll be putting nail swatches on hold for a while, ze nails are recovering from some damage. I can use my right hand although it's awkward taking pics. with my left hand, but I promise to try! Stay in the loop though!

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