Beam Me Up Scotty!! Suede-licious!!

Today is a suede(!) polish from Catrice, this is a polish from the Outer Space. It appropriately named Beam Me Up Scotty!. I totally love Star Trek. Oh yeah and have I mentioned, IT'S SUEDE!!!
2 coats
So cool!! It's a charcoal grey base with silver microglitter. It didn't even say that it was suede, what a way to surprise people right? It was sooo pigmented and didn't give me any troubles with application; it could easily be done and dusted at one coat but I'm to anal (haha, anal) and need to apply a minimum of two coats of any polish. It's a bi*** to remove though, glitter everywhere!!
And there it is glossed up! It's like a polish revolution!! I wonder if Catrice will start doing more mattes and suede polishes, God I hope so!! EEK!! Coolest suede ever!! Have a nice day!!

Until we blog again,


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