Essence Gagalectric and Prismatic White over Black

Hey!!! I'm back!! School's been kinda stressful but I feel I'm finally getting on top of things!
This was something I had been meaning to write up. I just had the photo and that's all. This is Essence Gagalectic and Prismatic White over Metal Battle. I thought to do them separately but when I swatched them on artificial nails, I decided to do them together. You can see why. They look exactly the same!! OK, well EXACTLY is an exaggeration. They are similiar to a certain extent that it wouldn't matter which one to swatch over black. It's cool how it turns black to a blue colour like Make Me Holo!.
Gagalectric is on the pinky and middle finger and Prismatic White is on the index and ringy finger. You can tell they're like a lighter, cloudy version of Blue Ray, but the duochrome effect is the same.
Tell me whatcha think or if you DO see a difference. I need a reason to own both anyways!! 

Until we blog again,


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