Hiatus from Blogging... Sad face...

Hope you're all well! School's starting again this week! I'm going into 3rd year, which means I'll be doing a lot more studying, a lot more cramming and a lot more not-being-on-the-internet-ing...
At the end of this school year, I'll have done the Mocks, orals, aurals and most importantly the Junior Certificate! Being completely honest it doesn't count for anything. Only the Leaving Cert. matters in my opinion. But I should give it my all anyways. I wanna get settled into this year, a lot changes apparently. There's a lot more walking around to classes and a lot more stress. I have to memorize the timetable and I have to get up at 7.30am to be in for 8.30 instead of 9. It's gonna take some adjusting to. 
But there are some pros to it. I along with my year group are at the top of the junior cycle social ladder. Doesn't mean much but you know, hierarchy, and all that. I'll be a senior next year, get myself a navy jumper because I'm so fly ><. We get off at 2.55pm for 3 days so that's good in a way. Double science classes, always fun.
So that being said I'm gonna take a month off blogging, I was kinda lagging anyways. October will come by quick. If I have any spare time I'll write some posts. I actually have a blogging to do list. One you can see on the blog and a much longer one at my bedside. So yeah, a lot to do. For the sake of not saying goodbye, 'cos I'm not, see ya around October. 
Live long and prosper... (Star Trek!!)


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