Essence- Miss Piggy Reloaded

Hey!! I'm not one to wear pink. But no!!! I don't leave well enough alone. This was an impulse buy after I saw the subtle shimmer/glass flecks. Simply gorgeous!
3/4 coats
Application is reason enough not to buy it. Very streaky and at least 3 coats for opacity. It's also very thick. *coughs* thinner... Other than that it's very Barbie Doll kind of pink. Not quite creme but rather jelly and gold flecks dispersed in polish. If you like pink go for it. Then again we all hate streaky polish, no? I wore this in a full manicure which I shall post about later. But, as I wore it I got the stomach flu. So I think the experience has put me off pink for a while... Hahaha.
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  1. that is so pretty!!!too bad about the application


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