Essence Nail Polish: Gagalectric

Hey! This is Gagalectric! Totally loving on the name! XD 
3 coats
Another sheer polish. Not my cup of tea but it is quite pretty! In the pictures you can see the flash to a kind of bluey colour. But that's not all! It can flash to pink, purple and green in my bathroom for some reason...
Prismatic White and Gagalectric look exactly the same in my living room lighting right down to the duochrome effect. Only difference is Gagalectric has a lilac-y base colour. There's even brush strokes in both of them. This reminds me of My Little Pony for an odd thought... ^^
Keep up for Blue Ray next time!! XD See ya!!

Until we blog again,


  1. One word ... LAYER!!

    Can you do this over black? I would love to see if the duo pops.

  2. layering it over black????! Clever!! I never thought of that! on my to-do list. Mucho Thanks! ^-^


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