Essence Nail Polish: Prismatic White

Hello! Keeping well I hope! My nephew went horse-riding today. It lasted the whole of twenty minutes.
This is the first of three posts on the Essence polishes. For some reason, in Dublin you can only get three polishes instead of five. That just plain sucks because we're missing out on Lilac and Holoberry. This polish is Primatic White. 
3 coats
The name says it all. It looks more iridescent in the photos but I tagged it as duochrome because of all the colours you get in different lighting. There are flashes of blue, purple, pink and even green!! How's that for you! It's a sheer polish with visible brush strokes so that might put you off. A little note: The duo/multichrome effect is, in my opinion, the same in the Gagalectric, but the base colour is just different. I got this for €2. A steal in my opinion. ^^ Stay tuned for the next two posts! :)

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  1. love, love, love this colour!

    now following ;)


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