Essence Nail Polish: Blue Ray

Ain't she a beaut?? This is Essence Blue Ray from the limited collection. I saved the very best for last. This is the good stuff. If more polish brands made duo/multichromes I'd be stalking chemists, Penneys' and Boots with pockets stuffed with money! 2011 shall be the year of shatter/crackle polishes and duochromes!!
3 coats
This is not holographic ¬¬. Some other Essence polishes that are supposedly holo are actually duo/multichromes. Not that I'm complaining... This applies like butter despite visible brush strokes. Two coats is still good but I threw in another coat for good luck! Most of the time the colour shifts from electric blue to a royal purple. However, when I'm in the bathroom it looks kinda green. 
This is definitely a keeper for me and I might be getting a back-up bottle. Thanks for stopping by!

Until we blog again,


  1. how mch is it and where do u get it from its a loverly coulor xx

  2. Thnx for commenting XD. In Ireland you get in many pharmacies and in penneys and dunnes stores for €3... roughly.

  3. The naming department at Essence made a serious boo boo, but at least these polishes are hella awesome! I pine for them. I pray my Ulta will have them!!!


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