An Old Favourite! Suede-y Goodness!

This is my only Suede polish by O.P.I and I love it!! I was wearing it the other day and thought to take pics. This is definitely a go-to polish if you're ever in a rush; it dries so quickly and you can be out the door in 10(I had time so I put on a topcoat!). It's matte in its original unglossy form or suede as O.P.I calls it.

The shimmer it has is visible and quite nice but in my honest opinion it doesn't give the polish much depth. :(  Loving the forest green colour, not all that special to some but special in my stash. Gotta go and 'study' for exams! Bummer! :P Cya!!! 

Until we blog again,


  1. I am a full blown green lover and this is definitely on my wishlist. What a beautiful manicure. Study hard! :)


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