The Importance of Exercise!!

Yeah, so this is an unsual post, I bet you're thinking. This blog wasn't exactly created to swatch polish and what-nots, but I kind of got lost in the process. It was to get my point across and hopefully be able to hear and understand other's opinions. Basically, to expand my own views and maybe yours. 
This summer I've been on a fitness craze. It took a day with my nephew to realise, all that energy most people have is wasted watching t.v or sitting in front of a laptop (guilty). Lil' Nephew just runs around and goes crazy. Just so full of life and I thought, ''That's how it should be all throughout life.''. Work and school gets in the way of getting exercise sometimes. You come home and just wanna fall down. Maybe you've children and a family. Perfectly understandable. But remember you're no fun if your at home all the time.... so says my sister.
I feel as if I've much more energy if I was walking briskly. It makes the blood pump throughout the body quicker and you get a sort of high on it. And eventually, you commit to getting an hour of daily proper exercise. I'm not talking about a short stroll to the market. I mean full on running to beat your sister home or at least a 110 steps a minute. That to me is enough so I can chat but I can't sing. That does me real good. Plus I lost some weight!!! 
I'll admit I'm a bit big(understatement) for my age and that I wanna be healthy if not skinny. People put too much emphasis on exercising to fit into those size 8 jeans. It doesn't matter if you're a size 16 or size 6. Your health should always be at the forefront of your mind. Rememebr that old saying 'Health is better than Wealth'? While I would like to be thin and fit into skinny jeans I don't want it to be the only reason to exercise. You know what I want? I want to be 50 and outrun a fit 20 year old!! 
I use to be at home all the time not wanting to go out because and I'll be honest here, the people in my village aren't the nicest. Eventually you stop caring about people that are mean to you. I would head to the second closest Tesco about 20 minutes or so away and call my sister and ask if she needed anything. Then I'd browse around that area, have a look inside Boots or visit my old school. So it might not be an hour, but it ain't no harm is it? 
I think to head into town from now on and do a bit of shopping. But I won't tell dear Parents, they'd just worry!!

Until we blog again,


  1. very true! I've been starting to exercise again too and it feels great! :3 I was getting a bit out of shape haha :P
    at least I can definitely feel a difference in my cardio :p
    so good that you took the time to remind us! :3
    i am also very guilty of being on the computer for too long! ><

  2. hehe.. i have muffin tops...everywhere!!!!


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