Accessorize Aztec--> Major Dupe for Space Cadet!! PIC SPAM!!

Hey everyone!! Sorry I haven't been posting.. summer has just taken over. My exams are finished and I'm dreading for the results. 
Today is something special. Yes, it is the first post for me of the summer but also because (drum-roll) I HAVE ACCESSORIZE'S AZTEC aka DUPE-ISH FOR ORLY'S SPACE CADET!!!! It's a lovely foily, glitter, multichrome polish. The colour... well I don't know what colour it is because they flash from royal purple, olive, green, amber and copper/gold. This is THE polish for me this summer 'cause it's so outta-the-box.
If you want, read more below... no pressure or anything ^^

3 coats
These swatches were 3 coats. At first it was kinda sheer. A second coat left it patchy but third time's a lucky charm. So it's not the most pigmented polish out there. Drying time is average but it's hard as a rock for me with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri in 30 minutes! Woo! 
The base colour is a teal as you can see at the walls of my nails. It doesn't show whatsoever, just a base for the multichrome goodness.
reminds me of a fire....
Before the last pic. Just wanna say thanks for stopping by to read... leave a comment no matter how random and have a nice day!!

Until we blog again,


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