N.O.T.W: Nfu-Oh 51... Again...

3 coats
Guten Tag!!! This is just a N.O.T.W (Nails of the week, but I'm sure you knew that. My first time seeing it I was like 'wtf is a N.O.T.D/W?') post. I actually managed to wear this for a while, until my nail kinda...broke... Nfu-Oh 51 is said to be a dupe-ish for the infamous Clarins 230(Unicorn Pee...no...really!!) Purple jelly with duochrome flakies!! So much nicer in real life, such depth and beauty!!!
More pics below...
lo and behold the sun came out!!!!

*Drools* Ever so pretty... Interesting tidbit: it was Monday and I woke up too early for school so I swatched for a bit and still managed to be reasonably late.... Have a good day!!

Until we blog again,


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