Essence-What Do U Think?.... Hmmm...

Guten Tag!! Wie geht's? The summer exams are soooo close, I can almost taste the nervousness!! I always get so worried before exams or orals. There's a bad habit I have of laughing whenever I'm nervous or in a situation. Have you ever been in a hall, doing tests or studying and some girl just bursts out, because she's in stitches. Yep, that's me!! Total 'My Name is Earl' moment! :D
2 coats
Today is rather short, a lot of studying to do! What Do U think is a pastel coral with some very very subtle gold shimmer. It's visible in the bottle but on your nails, you can just call it a creme. 
You can barely see some shimmer there if you click on the pic. to make it larger. This is sorta thick so thy trusty thinner is needed. It is also a bit streaky, just to tell you. Catrice's I Scream Peach! is the only other orange-y colour I own, but both are different to each other which means I can justify owning both!
There it is in its matte form. Au revoir!

Until we blog again,


  1. (Following now!) Although I never thought I would, I am seriously loving this colour!


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