Essence- Absolutely Stylish and *Glitter* Top Coat

Heya, hope all is good! We have Absolutely Stylish by Essence today, along with their Glitter Top Coat a while after. :D
2 coats
Firstly this applies very well; something I have come to expect from Essence polishes. And such good value, I pay €1.30 per bottle in their core line. SCORE!! They are pretty much on trend and I even got my grubby little hands on Where Is The Party?, a lovely multichrome which I promise to post about soon!!
I digress... Absolutely Stylish is a brown creme with some green/pink duochrome glitter. Stylish indeed, but it doesn't transfer well onto your nails.
You can sorta see it there. I don't know why I bought this, it was an impulse buy. There's no other brown/taupe like this in my collection so I can't complain. 
Here it is matte.. :P

It's nothing special, but I did it in case you wanted to see it matte. 
Glitter Top Coat review and swatches after the jump!
This is just an average glitter top coat, not much to say about it except that it dries fairly quick and can add a little 'pop' to your manicure. Topcoats can transform your regular polishes into a mani' that all your colleagues or classmates will compliment. 
Yeah, that wasn't much of a review was it? Oh and you can use this to blend in gradients if you're ever doing them. Have a mucho nice day!!

Until we blog again,


  1. browns arent a favorite of mine, but this one looks great! looks very sophisticated (:


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