Barry M's Dusky Mauve a.k.a Chanel's Paradoxal Dupe!!

So, I was looking at swatches online of Paradoxal and I thought 'Eh...'. It honestly didn't look all that good to me.... until I realised it must be pretty special if people are always trying to find a dupe for it, right?
I eventually caved and bought one of the dupes by Barry M.
2 coats
Indoors, it looks like your average taupe that is slightly iridescent. But trust me when the sun comes out, it's full on POW!!! to me... :P
You can see the shimmer there, uber subtle in my opinion, but still there... It applies very well, only need 2 coats for bottle colour. I hate the tiny brush though, only complaint I have. This isn't my first time trying Barry M polishes, I can't exactly remember what happened, but what I DO remember is that I ended up throwing away the bottle of polish. Well, for whatever reason that was, I don't care anymore. This brand's nail polish is superb and you can always get it cheap in Boots (3 for 2 offer!!) I'll definately get some more when I can. Good day to you!

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