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Essence-What Do U Think?.... Hmmm...

Guten Tag!! Wie geht's? The summer exams are soooo close, I can almost taste the nervousness!! I always get so worried before exams or orals. There's a bad habit I have of laughing whenever I'm nervous or in a situation. Have you ever been in a hall, doing tests or studying and some girl just bursts out, because she's in stitches. Yep, that's me!! Total 'My Name is Earl' moment! :D
Today is rather short, a lot of studying to do! What Do U think is a pastel coral with some very very subtle gold shimmer. It's visible in the bottle but on your nails, you can just call it a creme. 
You can barely see some shimmer there if you click on the pic. to make it larger. This is sorta thick so thy trusty thinner is needed. It is also a bit streaky, just to tell you. Catrice's I Scream Peach! is the only other orange-y colour I own, but both are different to each other which means I can justify owning both!
There it is in its matte form. Au revoir!

Until we blog agai…

Body Butter: A Revelation!

I'VE DONE IT!!! I'VE DISCOVERED.... BODY BUTTER. But more specifically The Body Shop's Body Butter.

The strawberry scent is so nice, but not over-bearing. It's pretty creamy but not THAT rich. 
I've not much to say except that it does a pretty good job and makes my skin uber-soft. The only downside is that in the ingredients it contains parabens, which in my personal opinions should be avoided. I've heard about the new Body Butter Duo (Two moisturizers in one tub, one for normal skin and one for dry areas) which contains no parabens, and will buy that soon. 

Until we blog again,

Barry M's Pink Fizz! Bubblegum Pink Crackle!!

Yo!! What's up everyone?!! I'm just so happy and joyful today; I must be on a high or something! :D
I apologize for the slightly blurry pic. I got this in Boots(very cheap, only €6[?] for the crackle polishes), you gotta love the 3 for 2 offer! Dusky Mauve is of the same brand, but we're here to talk about the awesome crackle polish that is Pink Fizz! 
It reminds me of Nicki Minaj/Barbie. It's a lovely bubblegum pink! PF dries like you expect: quickly and matte. I will say though that it dries just that little bit slower than Black Shatter and the China Glaze Crackles so it gives you time to apply a proper coat. It crackles like Black Shatter but there are some differences, I just don't know how to put it into words. In my honest opinion Pink Fizz is more visibly appealing to me.
Overall, I really like this crackle polish and will buy the blue shade from Barry M when I see it in Boots!! You know, I hate it when people get to make up stands before me and get the good p…

Essence- Where is The Party?.... On My Fricken' Nails!!!

This is the most awesome-est polish ever!! I love duochromes, well in this case multichrome. Where is The Party is a mainly royal purple colour but when you look at it at different angles or lighting it can be greenish or a gunmetal grey. 
It applies very well and is very pigmented; I only used 2 coats. Catrice made a multichrome polish as well, I think called 'Iron Mermaiden'. They are similar in colour although people say Iron Mermaiden is sheerer. This doesn't come as a surprise as both brands are made by the same company: Cosnova.
I don't have much else to say about this other than BUY IT!!! Of course, you shouldn't buy it if you don't like brushstrokes because while it might not be noticeable to some it will be to you whenever you stare at your gorgeous nails! But €1.30 is a steal to me so there isn't that much to lose!

Have you got this? Will you be getting this? Or are you just waiting for Essence to come up with something so incredible you'll have …

China Glaze Fault Line (Crackle Overdose!)

Today we have Fault Line from the China Glaze Crackles. Its a purple crackle but with shimmer!! As you can see from the picture, it doesn't crackle that well.
Read more, ah go on...

Barry M's Dusky Mauve a.k.a Chanel's Paradoxal Dupe!!

So, I was looking at swatches online of Paradoxal and I thought 'Eh...'. It honestly didn't look all that good to me.... until I realised it must be pretty special if people are always trying to find a dupe for it, right?
I eventually caved and bought one of the dupes by Barry M.
Indoors, it looks like your average taupe that is slightly iridescent. But trust me when the sun comes out, it's full on POW!!! to me... :P
You can see the shimmer there, uber subtle in my opinion, but still there... It applies very well, only need 2 coats for bottle colour. I hate the tiny brush though, only complaint I have. This isn't my first time trying Barry M polishes, I can't exactly remember what happened, but what I DO remember is that I ended up throwing away the bottle of polish. Well, for whatever reason that was, I don't care anymore. This brand's nail polish is superb and you can always get it cheap in Boots (3 for 2 offer!!) I'll definately get some more when I…

Essence Does Flakies!! *Glisten Up!!*

How awesome does that look? Honestly?! If they keep this up, Essence polishes will find a very special spot in my heart.... 
Glisten Up is a sheer baby blue base with flakies and some glitter as you can see. It gives the black colour a slightly green/turquoise tinge. Applies like melted butter. I heard through the grapevine that this is being discontinued... But for all we know they might be making room for more flakie polishes..(crosses finger)
What's up with that? All the best polishes are either rare, expensive or discontinued e.g. GOSH Holographic and Rainbow, this polish, O.P.I. non-B3F DS polishes and Clarins 230. Oh well, it just means you have to grab your hands on the nice ones before it's too late. 
Overall, loving this over black and gonna layer it over different colours. Get this if you can, what have you got to lose (only €1.30 in Ireland!!)? See you soon!!

Until we blog again,

Essence- Absolutely Stylish and *Glitter* Top Coat

Heya, hope all is good! We haveAbsolutely Stylish by Essence today, along with their Glitter Top Coat a while after. :D
Firstly this applies very well; something I have come to expect from Essence polishes. And such good value, I pay €1.30 per bottle in their core line. SCORE!! They are pretty much on trend and I even got my grubby little hands on Where Is The Party?, a lovely multichrome which I promise to post about soon!!
I digress... Absolutely Stylish is a brown creme with some green/pink duochrome glitter. Stylish indeed, but it doesn't transfer well onto your nails.
You can sorta see it there. I don't know why I bought this, it was an impulse buy. There's no other brown/taupe like this in my collection so I can't complain. 
Here it is matte.. :P
It's nothing special, but I did it in case you wanted to see it matte. 
Glitter Top Coat review and swatches after the jump!

N.O.T.W: Nfu-Oh 51... Again...

Guten Tag!!! This is just a N.O.T.W (Nails of the week, but I'm sure you knew that. My first time seeing it I was like 'wtf is a N.O.T.D/W?') post. I actually managed to wear this for a while, until my nail kinda...broke... Nfu-Oh 51 is said to be a dupe-ish for the infamous Clarins 230(Unicorn!!) Purple jelly with duochrome flakies!! So much nicer in real life, such depth and beauty!!!
More pics below...