Life Just Gets in the Way Doesn't it?

Hey Y'all. Lately I've been sooo busy with school and everything in between. I've been working hard to get my grades up and teachers just seem to give out tests on the same week. I bet they're in cohorts just to annoy us. You must be thinking, ''Oh, she's exaggerating!'' I'm not...really... For example in the past 2 weeks I've had to write up 4 debates (2 A4 pages in Irish and English), had 4 tests this week and helped my mum and dad out at work. On top I had to study as well. 
When you think about it, if I didn't do all that life wouldn't be as exciting would it? We are hardwired to have to do work and then complain about it. Funny don't you think? This was on my mind so I felt like sharing.
I shall leave you with one of my favourite Irish words: Seafóideach. Its an adjective(?) for silly or foolish. I love it because the first bit is spelt sorta like sea food which makes me think of ramen!! Yum!!

Until we blog again,


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