Swatch-adoodle! Nfu-Oh GS14

Yo, sup?! I've been ahead of schoolwork lately so I swatch every weekend or in the morning if I'm ever early up (yeah, right!) I've also been browsing around Dublin for Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream. I know the names of the shop, but am having a hard time locating them and have to use a map. I'm not so big on using LUSH once I finish the pot because it contains parabens. I wish they made like a Strawberry Flutter or a Minty Flutter, that would be cool!!
Oh, I'm ranting. Today you will be viewing swatches of Nfu-Oh GS (Glitter Series) 14, it's a black jelly with holo glitter suspended in it. As I said before the holo effect don't transfer well from the bottle to the nails. Bummer!! And this kinda polish is the gritty kind and will need a topcoat to even it out, a thick one as well probably!
3 coats
I love how black looks on my nails!! Pastels don't suit me whatsoever, doesn't stop me though!!
Told you it was gritty didn't I, you can even see it in the pictures!

See you all soon!

Until we blog again,


  1. Even though the holo doesn't really translate it's still pretty. I'm with you on black polish too - I am a huge fan of black polish. And pastels just don't look right on me either... but sometimes they're still just so pretty I don't care. LOL

  2. hehe, good to know im not the only one! ;)


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