Red Polish Comparison!

G'Day! Hope y'all good. Today will be a comparison between the reds that I own.... which isn't much, only 2. Since this is rather short I'll get to it...
all 2 coats
Okay, just to make it clear there's like shrinkage from my now defective Sally Hansen top coat, so I have to buy a new one. I was going to take the picture yesterday but it was rainy so to save myself and my skin the trouble of removing it and doing the same today I slapped on a top coat and then THIS happened......
Onto other things the first and third nails are O.P.I Big Apple Red, it's the more lighter tomato-y shade of red. Better formula on this one and needs 2 coats to be opaque.
The second nail and pinky are Essence So Glamorous, the deep red. It's formula is thicker and therefore needs one coat for opacity, but to make it a fair test I put on 2 coats of colour on each nail...
Overall, there's nothing alike between them, but I prefer O.P.I.'s for nail art because that sorta shade don't suit me for a full manicure.... which makes me wonder why I even bought it.... Hehe.. Hope this helped in any sort of way. Bye!! :)

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