NOTD! Nail Art- Holo LOVE!!

Hey! Y'all doing okay? I was wearing Kyoya (frank'ned polish) and I was thinking of ways to make this manicure 'pop' (for lack of better word...)  
And then it hit me. A bunny stuffed toy that my nephew thought it would be funny to hit me on the head with. Yet it also hit me in a non-literal way. Hearts! Red love hearts make everything cuter don't you think?

Yeah, I realise that some of the hearts could be better, but positively speaking, it's quite nice. On my thumb there's a huge heart but I won't show because a part of the tip broke off and it's not pretty!^^ 
But, do allow me to show you my most successful attempt at the hearts!
I used a striping brush to make those with Essence So Glamorous, in case you're interested! I've been putting off painting hearts on the right hand because I've practically no dexterity in my left hand. Therefore, I've been out and about with hearts on the left set of nails but not on the right. Hehe, hilarious, right?

Until we blog again,


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