My First Franken!! Blue Holo: Kyouya!!

Hey, everyone!! Great news, I've made my first franken!! That's when you mix two or more polishes or pigments to create this cool new original colour!! The one I made is a holo polish. A blue one as well. It uses nearly equal amounts of GOSH's Holographic and Blue Monday. The holo effect isn't as linear as Holographic but it's there. I named it Kyouya after Kyoya Ootori in Ouran High School Host Club!! A cool blue for the cool type. I was tired waiting for Tronica to arrive, it might be a month 'til it's there, so I started experimenting. First there was a green holo, then a pink one and then I came up with this beauty!!
3 coats
There it is, all 3 coats of it! The bad thing now is that I have to get another bottle of Holographic now, but they're well stocked I bet everywhere.
Join the Mad Hatter tea party, no?...

A closer up.
I might give this to a friend because she likes the colour blue! Another thing to note is that I'm not too sure if you can mix brands when doing this, you probably can but can't mix big 3 free with non big 3 free and camphor makes everything more complicated. God knows what would happen, I'm guessing it might not dry or maybe irritate your skin or maybe I'm thinking into it too much. It's relatively safe... I hope....:)

Until we blog again,


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