A Little Prayer...

Hey everyone... I'm posting at 12am for the sake of doing it I think... Before anything else though...
I'm sure everyone has heard of what has happened in Japan. It's just awful and horrible. I'm completely devastated, nothing like this should ever happen, it's not fair how some people can lose family members like that. My mother told me my cousin is over there and I really hope he's okay. My heart goes out to the people who have lost loved ones... I ask of you to pray because I believe praying can help in times of crisis. This can really make you think of how much those around you mean to you. Appreciate them and always look at everything as a whole and don't be so self involved. I remember the other day when I was complaining about my break out of spots (disgusting I know...) and now when I think back I'm like 'You IDIOT!!'
I will post again later maybe. But for now, it's not time, it's awful when you're listening to it but even worse when you're watching it on the news and can see footages. It just breaks my heart.

Goodbye and 'til next time...


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