How To? Bubbly Circle Nail Art!!

Hey y'all!! Lately I've been watching vid on YouTube and I saw this. I fell in love with it instantly and was inspired to make my own lil' version. The uploader (LOVE4NAILS) has such pretty nails. And you know I hit that Subscribe button as if it was the last thing I did before I died! Onwards!!!

What you need:
  1. Base coat 
  2. Base colour (Make Up Store's Madeleine)
  3. Two or more alternating colour polishes (Essence's Lime Up and O.P.I Alpine Snow)
  4. Dotting tool/ Ballpoint pen 
  5. Top coat
1. Put on the base coat. Then put on the base colour once that is dry. Sorry in advance for hideous cuticles   

2. Using a dotting tool or a ballpoint pen, which should work just fine, draw circles in random areas on the nail in the different colour polishes. 

3. Fill in the centres of the circles with it's opposite colour, or whatever floats your boat. 

4. Dot some polish randomly. Put a top coat on when you think it's dry enough not to mix together.

Easy no? Check out LOVE4NAILS' chanel. She has a ton of videos!

Until we blog again,


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