Flakie Love: GOSH Rainbow!!

Guten Tag!! Other day I was on my bus back home from school and these two German speaking guys sat in front of me. I study German at school but all I got from their conversation (eavesdropping) was 'kaufen', 'achtzig' and 'import duty'. My teacher would be sooo disappointed.
Today is me showing you a lovely topcoat by GOSH containing duochrome flakies....
1 coat over 2 coats of Essence Metal Battle

Pretty no? This is called Rainbow very appropriately, the two most prominant duochrome colours are green and orange as you can see from the picture.
This polish is suppose to be a dupe for Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure(?) so in case you don't have it....
GOSH makes great polishes like Holographic and even this one. I've gone into different shops to stock up but Holo' and Rainbow are like being discontinued in stores I think. Well at least in Dublin! They've gone too creme on us. If they are capable of making holo and flakie polishes so what stops them from making a green or red holo or maybe even give us a dupe for Nfu-Oh 51. It might be limited resources but I'm skeptical...
Hehe, just had to let out a bit of steam. :)

Until we blog again,


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