First Ever China Glaze!! Ahoy!!

Hola mi amigos! I should take up learning Spanish, it's such a flowy(word?) language. 
The other day I bought for myself a China Glaze polish. It's Ahoy! from the Anchors Away Collection this year.
As in title, this is my first one. I guess there was never an availibility for me here in Dubs to get it, but that was until I found a Sally Beauty Salon Service near George Street, Dublin 2. Uh, China Glaze is cheaper here for €7 than my fave O.P.I and the Salon Service is relatively up to date. They just released O.P.I's Texas Collection last Monday and I think they're gonna have the Pirates of The Carribean Collection there soon as well because I was asking about upcoming collections. To be honest, I was just prowling around for China Glaze Crackle or Tronica polishes. 
This is a bit rant-y so if that's what you like and you wanna see pics read on!
Okay, I'll just talk about the physicalities of the bottle and such. It's roughly the same height, size, ml (14) as O.P.I. The cap's a tad narrower. The brush is round and smaller than O.P.I but it fans out with ease and so much easier to manouvere on the pinky. Interesting thing I noticed, the actual bottle-container-liquid holder thingy (cat got my tongue) is inverted to O.P.I's as in the bottle is triangular shaped and its upside down on O.P.I. But that's just me and my rantings, onto the good stuff!!
2 coats
 I know the pics a bit blurry but that's more or less pretty accurate in my opinion. Plus you get to see another attempt at strawberry nails, no?

This is a closer up because of the crappy first one and there is some glass flecks and shimmer in this polish.

This is just for fun. You can see my hangnail or least I hope that's what it is. This also shows some cuticle drag involving my Sally Hansen topcoat. Lately it's been a fail!! :(

It's a lovely raspberry, pinky magenta, jelly-ish colour with shimmer and glass flecks that are gold. At some point it looks like red during the day. I used two coats over base and it was very pigmented and shiny before the topcoat (which really kinda ruined it) Drying time is average, that's goooooood formula man!! It don't contain DBP, Formaldehyde nor Toluene. So overall this doesn't disappoint and I'll be getting loads more, I'm eyeing the yellow one from the same collection! Auf Wiedersehen!!

Until we blog again,


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