Essence: Make Me Holo! Swatch-adoodle!

Wassup!!! I'm very giddy today!!
The other day I got Make Me Holo by Essence from their Black And White Limited Edition. Don't be fooled by the name, it's anything but a holo topcoat. Turned you off didn't I?
1 coat over Essence Metal Battle
Just to make it clear Make Me Holo is only on my index, middle and pinky finger. Essence Metal Battle is the base colour for all nails. On my ringy, I left it 'bare' to show you the difference. 
Make Me Holo is really kinda...funky. It makes black and near-black colours go blue. Well 'go' is inaccurate. I can't explain it properly but the actual top coat is a iridescent pearly blue, even though the polish looks like a milky base coat. So, in retrospect it makes black and near black polishes turn blue. It gives reds, yellows, greens a blue cast..
I have tried it with other colours but it's not as cool as having it over black and vamps. Haha, I am confusing you aren't I? Pictures say more...
how frickin' cool is that?
I hear Essence are releasing a slight linear holo polish soon. I'm waiting and ready to purchase. They are also releasing special top coats. I can't wait. Mata ashita!!

Until we blog again,


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